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Free Will Astrology (7/18/18-7/24/18)

free-will-gemini20150831.jpg 18): You will never find an advertisement for Nike or Apple within the sacred vessel of this horoscope column. But you may come across plugs for soul-nourishing commodities like creative freedom, psychosexual bliss, and playful generosity. Like everyone else, I’m a salesperson – although I believe that the wares I peddle are unambiguously good for you. In this spirit, I invite you to hone your own sales pitch. It’s an excellent time to interest people in the fine products and ideas and services that you have to offer. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Would you do me a favor, please? Would you do your friends and loved ones and the whole world a favor? Don’t pretend you’re less powerful and beautiful than you are. Don’t downplay or neglect the magic you have at your disposal. Don’t act as if your unique genius is nothing special.

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-get to work-delete unsuccessful tweets from last 24 hours-watch mmm whatcha say SNL skit w/ bill hader twice-take 1.5 hour lunch break-online shop for three hours-walk out to car for no reason 2 kill 15 min-argue on astrology fb page-leave promptly at 5:00PM

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